Fresh Poetry ~ “Lou See”

Consider: Thelemic child abuseDosso Dossi - 1490-1542
phased from the Sumerian tradition —
a product of conditioning
from within & without
this digital royal,
claims to speak for the Muses;
patient enough to determine 
fantasy from reality,
the impatient contrast between 
sow & harvest, 
between hunter versus healer.
Dependent on paradox 
the sirens spin this witch,
her fire-snake splitting
hatched, rather than heredity —                             she’s funny but
doesn’t laugh a lot.
Wanna go to the sun?
Flock to her —
feel emotion in all those songs.
Myth & whimsy are the same thing,
with stream-rolling strength,
a kind of mythic engine
constantly re-inventing pride, 
the ego of technology,
the power of timelessness,
of money & threads which weave 
hunger for gold & precious stones;
pearls of emotion conjured for recreation,
in symbol & system.
She knows but
spins her thought force 
in the mightiest of ways,
just the same. 
Time these tidings be spread further:
Learn the mystery of prophecy
through the music.
Listen to the subtext of lyrics,
from bad to weird. 
It becomes it’s own language,
in & out with electronic magic.
A language 
of the Absolute;
sound generated by a choir of Gods
fashioned by craft
to a meaningless scrap of vanity.
The whole story is in there, 
in the images & feelings the songs stir.
Know a tiger by their stripes;
a hustler by the back story.
O! the demands of celebrity.
Still fishing for a common cause of discovery?
Still got the glow of the wild?
She sells it shiny
like chromachrome
the belief in 
tracking a process of constant transformation,
a library on legs,
a battery of psychical manifestation,
unjust enrichment; an
epitome of self confidence
created upon some dingy astral plane,
this androgenic entity
in the amber of alcoholism.
Her ultimate energy-drop
weaves high-level dreams
swirling the worldly, randy hermits
into a setting sun.
Dispel her many
doubts; hard done by,  
egged on by the angels,
listen as she
eloquently states a defence
conjured through
special revelation & magic
in reverse; 
this wooden marionette
clothed in bloody purple,
united through synthesis;
avoiding any ancestral trappings 
attached to such matters
the very last scarlet woman burns —
& so
slowly an agenda
~ Painting by Dosso Dossi, 1490 – 1542 

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  1. WOW! There is a poetic cornucopia in this one! Powerful phrases abound. I especially like: “Time these tidings be spread further:
    Learn the mystery of prophecy
    through the music.
    Listen to the subtext of lyrics,
    from bad to weird.
    It becomes it’s own language,”

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