Quotation from Annie Besant

Annie_Besant_1895“It is our weakness that the rush & bustle of life in the city makes us deaf to the Voice that is ever-speaking.”
~ Annie Besant


{Image from Johnstone, O’Shannessy and Co.}

Quotation from Mme. Blavatsky

Author Unknown‘How can harmony prevail and conquer, when the soul is stained and distracted with the turmoil of passions and the terrestrial desires of the bodily senses?’
                                                                         –Mme. Blavatsky
{Author of photograph unknown}

Fresh Poetry ~ “The Tunnels of Set”

Jeff DahlOn the night I saw all this
big trouble, mister
describing little evil devils
inside a mystical plan,
not your normal force of nature,
some might say a complete shirk, 
gone off grid for
such a wealth of material to
boom & echo
in the tunnel of doom,
like some kind of portal
this oppo-research situation, tracking 
one who believes in non-disclosure
but for now the spell has broken
awareness of a greater risk is in dispute.
[Harp-y Dream Sequence Sound Effect]
Did this rendez-vous actually happen?
{Illustration by Jeff Dahl}