Quotation from John Muir

www.eiu.edu“Climb the mountains & get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their freshness into you & the storms their energy, while care will drop off the autumn leaves.”
~ John Muir



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Reading Omens

Farm Security AdministrationIntuition translated into direct action can be a terrifying ally if not processed through the correct filter. 
Today: I ask for guidance in mastering the manner through which to live from the most creative, intuitive part of experience
Memo: Associating every item arising from the Unconscious as a portent of inevitable circumstance, be they past, present or future is intuitive vanity. 
A Helpful Exercise in Remembering the Limitations of Raw Intuition: Think of the times you have been right about an intuition, then multiple that number by a thousand & you will have close to an indication as to how many times you have been wrong. 
Why would such an unrealistic expectation attempt to so aggressively dominate the flow of resources?
Reminder: The War of the Screen is won when prolonged, peaceful silence is achieved comfortably & from within the context of responsible flow. I will assist this outcome through making diligent effort to restrict the influence of random variables. Extraneous negative amplification & magnification will be reduced: this is a substitute for critical analysis. 
Current Objective: Deconstruction of blind spots; peace with all crutches.
Consider: Lyrical Sequence as connector.
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The Core Myth: Avoidance of Spiritual Trigonometry

Jeandavid54Is it time for what psychology calls a corrective emotional experience?
The Repetition Compulsion endemic to habitual exposure to mass media focuses on a style of Negative Programming.
The Gestalt Therapy involves engaging the persona and anima, in Jungian terms in meaningful dialogue.
The distillation of this process into an exchange of basic understanding between the two forces is the key to unlocking neuroses and anxiety within the Gestalt Method.
(Anxiety and unchecked emotionalism arising from random activity on the screen of the imagination is a handicap.)
Finally taking the responsibility of processing subjective psychic images respectfully, (meaning mindfully,) enables a step of this process.
Ultimately: latent results of undifferentiated anxiety, when repeatedly compounded layer into a pressure which presents as Emotional Terror. If allowed to collect and obstruct the influence of the Unconscious, then it is possible a new state of acceptance is required to achieve the desired state of Silence.
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Progress Report: February, 2013

Arthur RackhamOne reason not to stay in the Garden for all time, is best explained by theologian / psychoanalyst Sandor Ferenczi: ‘Our imagination endows us with more love than we actually possess.’

You see them everywhere — broken people. Not as frequently encountered as the zombies, the programmed Technocrati who pantomime existence through the electronic medium but the human animals with the fractured minds.

Recognizing the trance-like state of frozen shock which occupies the place of ideals and values, I surrender to this dumbness, now mainly because I enjoy the feeling of righteous indignation that accompanies it.

Mutual Analysis = The surrender of force & authority, from both sides of the relationship

With uncharacteristic directness in regard to my shortcomings. . .

I have a tremendous chore ahead in reaching Substantial Silence.


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Little Wonder Silence is Preferred.

Wayne RayThe issue of being responsible for the fruits of your imagination. . .

Not accepting destiny & casting a grievance against your fate?

“Won’t you step into my garden,” she purred, soft & cattish.

A Life Run by Ghosts.

Send a list, when euphoria fades.

Silence, when it finally speaks, takes time to reach its meaning.


Book Cover by Wayne Ray