Fresh Poetry ~ “Engineering Nephilim”

Hieronymus Bosch - Engineering NephalimLet us undertake a thought experiment
to stretch capacity
of imagination: Submerging past
guarded gates & baited whispers,
in this wake
shadows of Eternity appear.
Still in the research phase,
consecrated amongst Masons,
the U.S led coalition
who inhabit Canaan—those fallen angels
lacking precision & despite the mystery,
control is unravelling.

When you know your Bible properly
it is said Giants
from the deep, billowing upward
benefit from Universal understanding,
went to daughters of man
like phosphorous fires
of a match on first strike.
Unchartered these children
of the sun,
forsaking the Lords of Flame;
dark-born beings
from their minds masquerade as Star-born,
anticipating the folly
of Adam,
holding a tablet, stylus or scroll—how they are rendered
by this craft.

What people have ever recognized themselves
deceived by fable?

In the rush of piracy
traditional winds are rendered impotent.
After surviving the flood,
under justice broad & clumsy,
devoid of the swift accuracy
of Sequence,
clever minds operate a hypodermic injection
altering human DNA.
The indiscriminate substitution
of pure & applied science
captures public imagination—secrets
of exuberant skulls keep
unusually loud symbolism.

The synchronicity clause
indicates that mastery
of emotion
will place universal energy at
ready disposal;
peppered by a noisemakers’ enthusiasm,
resurrection unfolds—the book of Enoch
Some memories are spotty:
Evacuate the coastline
& blah, blah, blah: you get the picture—
it’s real.

{Artwork by Hieronymus Bosch}

Quotation from Annie Dillard

Salem Press, Inc‘It is the shock I remember. Not only does something come if you wait, but it pours over you like a waterfall, a tidal wave.’

~ Annie Dillard



{Photograph from Salem Press, Inc..}

Fresh Poetry ~ “On Rumours of Eternal Recurrence”

Matthew Johnson - Eternal RecurranceThis is the touchstone:
Identify dangers to your soul-source
from sacred streams
boggle the mind:
No supernatural reincarnation;
dual principles of material & spiritual
involving presumptuous encroachments
on the Mysteries & powers of Sequence;
unacceptable to the majority that
each lesson is a process, with its own unique aspects
& plausible denials.
Absconded by filthy dreamers;
by economic, political,
military changes,
the very tippy-top
engorged exploding stars
from the highest points of antiquity;
slaves toil beneath invisible, cruel masters
who came down from the heavens to
siege by storm,
siege by blockade
the rational identification,
beloved & admired;
working in batches:
to whom, by whom
for whom.

Constant devotion to the Light
will reduce
images of violence—those instances when
faith in the slow burn fades & memory
an extension of this forum,
crowded into this vision,
somewhat of a legend—the luckiest
all-knowing ego,
a complicated ally
fresh from the dream of life,
sits in some gurgling crock,
slimy & bored, waiting
to be called upon;
slowly, over centuries
will open again.

Resist all folly of deceived
expectation—shatter preconception,
both blessing & curse towards
the nature of such ultimate
which forms the duality defining existence.
Some parts are easy to understand—
much exaltation!
Tapping into the same appropriate knowledge:
clairvoyant vision to influence
the present;
dreams of both success & failure
explained to the bewildered how
you can only be responsible for all
you can
be responsible

Scientific chemistry is cold & true;
magical chemistry
complex & absurd.
Who is calling the shots here?
Repent, to whom, for how long
One can only hope
the pendulum of puritan self-expression swings
after the vernal equinox,
neglected emotionally
& all
those responsible shall be
held accountable—how they are
rendered by this craft.
How the beasts do groan.
See beyond
but blind to the full spectrum available
this sacred breech, located finally despite
the secrecy involved:
Being prepared establishes
no priority over the Divine.

Calculating the echoes of influence:
Before the advance into battle,
as in any war,
we establish a period of concentration.
Money—the gilded dust
clears putrid skies of molestations; money
in possession of a malignant imagination,
burnt for warmth;
channels of purification lining the
kingdom of justice,
where ancient priests,
lavished with praise & positive reinforcement,
sold to the game, for Pete’s sake—then the English
came along…

How many hours; how many

{Illustration by Matthew Johnson}

Fresh Poetry ~ “Ecce Signum”

Claude_d'AbbevilleTest & test:
concepts will constantly reappear
release what has been exhausted
settle for dumbed-down
like a ridiculous idiot
that’s the story 
the dark truth
propelled by the hopes of
inspiration intended for the future; 
like a kaleidoscope
patterns spin concentrically
some application of principles 
through that labyrinth of specialist knowledge,
find a historical study of the elements of wisdom 
fouled with the toxins of
self-satisfied & rampant wilfulness:
circling round the chair
all counter-intuitive to the organic force of Sequence.
promotional images
mysterious riddles hidden within
obstacles & plateaus which
determine the symbolic world created 
by those lonesome units looking for the other saints;
in fluent times
currents flow East to West
upon the heliacal rising where
the minds which weave these beautiful tapestries
rewind the happy ending again & again, 
constructed along Craftsy lines
where calculation represents
fantasizing in vivid, graphic detail,
all the landscaping done 
by votive hands
hair billowing in Mariah
attack and defend
a blessed land emerging,
surrounded by a blue water  
empty as destiny underway. 
{Illustration by Claude D’Abbeville}

Ironic Wickedness

William Wallace DenslowFlip —  a simple mechanism in the Age of Paradox. When intuition leads to something odd or confounding — flip — & that is the line out. 
How is it that I come to accept the inevitability of failure and disappointment?   
The passive reluctance to re-reroute a negative line, all that chaos that bursts through during a meltdown is the logical end to exploration. 
It is an end to negative surrender. 
The martyr pulls itself off the cross & begins to take notes. 
So it is to be the Charge of the Lite Brigade, the first story I remember, the purity of subjective truth as weapon & fresh resolve of the naïve ones, those still expecting positive justice to serve as adequate armour
So now I feel frozen in dragon’s fire, a lack of pure integrity & transgressions against the Light tether; where is a pure heart?
So the prayer starts.
{Illustration by William Wallace Denslow}

Cleansing the Channel to First Cause: Early Methodology

Michael MaggsI have always confused repeating something, with releasing it.

From within the belly of the whale, it is simple to see why change — fundamental, systemic, integrated Change is so very complex to activate.

Consider: Is it possible for psychic impressions generating from an external source, from other psyches — is it plausible that they might penetrate an individual imagination to layer there amongst subjective thought forms?

Moreover: The extreme interconnected nature of the indeterminate and now-tangled former associations is inevitable without the aid of memory.

Hypothesis: In the period of Cleansing, it is advised that any manner of objectivity be incorporated to permit these foreign thought forms to pass through the mind sphere, without the added complication of emotional identification.

Conclusion: Confusing to the cleansing process only if the subjective filter is used exclusively.

The Challenge Remains: Allowing the climate of acceptance and respect determined by initial intention to not be reduced to a Terrible Fantasy scenario. Clear, patient, supportive self-talk is the Ariadne’s Thread  through the dark parts of memory. Separating influence remains the top priority.

What Follows: Clearing the blockages impeding the channel to First Cause.


{Photograph by Michael Maggs}



Quotation from William S. Burroughs

Christiaan TonnisThe revolution will come from ignoring the others out of existence.

– William Seward
{Painting by Christiaan Tonnis}

Inventory on a Snowy Afternoon

a snowy

The struggle of wrestling down hysterical daydreams that truly appear only to continue a deeply ingrained pattern of emotional turmoil wears upon a once glittering resolve.

 The curious thing is: how closely these media-induced fantasies, morbid as they are, mirror the actual intuitive process. Marketing has evolved.
Today, I ask Lyrical Sequence for the strength to be non-defensive — to consider an opinion which although suspected as being off-position, I trust so ask for the patience to witness a potentially new landscape’s emergence; without analyzing or injecting interpretive energy.
The Tuning Fork Principle: So similar to the Law of Attraction but involves calibrating the principles of humanistic psychology into an externalized form of energy, positioned as a presenting force.
A tall order  — to remodel a torture chamber into the Zen garden.
The choice is mine: craft the required tools which shall allow this psychic renovation. 
Remain patient but alert. The required mindset & skills will present themselves, if they are afforded the opportunity to do so.
{Photograph from Dominic Dawn Harry & Jacob Paterson}

The Tyranny of Default

Author UnknownSomehow, I need to stop waging war on my own dreams. I do not even have to ask Sequence to help, past assisting in my surrendering to One Focus — this pure, true, all-you-can-submit, 100% objective determination.

The default is always there — back to a position of powerlessness that is automatically substituted with a reluctant claim to responsibility.

The fact remains: Even when I understand this and attempt to adjust the default, I invariable loot the process of others with this assumption.

How does someone stop something they know is bad for them?

(Slowly and carefully comes the answers.)


{Author of poster unknown}