Fresh Poetry ~ “Edward Alexander”

Jules Jacot GuillarmodFirstly – rites of purification reduce toxic craft
rituals sublime;
there are lessons to be learned
inside an air of sanitation & privacy.
Change can only be achieved
from the winds of heaven
soaring to heights of worship,
carry the dearest whispers of Aiwass
to your scarlet scryer’s mouth
karma resolves absolute.
It is not so much fun 
when you must always do the 
so let it be a dactyl 
followed by a spondee,
fuse story with abstract
then don that magical regalia
during the years of your mission;
wealth erotica
necessarily not clear-cut
proved no greater than sham-worship;
one aspect of such elevated influence
different commerce replaces truth
with symbolism 
It was a utopia for few:
divided into meta-structures
a kingdom built on fetid soil,
a kingdom of carnal pleasures
the sewer of one paranoid man’s mind 
translating history
to open the third eye; 
a craftsman of filth
pleased to present 
the evil genius.
Bored with life you
to keep crossing the wicked line to feel alive,
to bury the rock;
eat the fruits of your 
intensive work.
This we understand: 
an honest-to-God multiple
trying to dominate,  
kidnaps an object of obsession;
human history
spiritual & economical, 
the presentation of reasonable response,
a revelation from some God
interested in establishing 
the New Aeon,
tattooing the unicursal hexagram,
source for the Master Plan,
preparation for the Golden Dawn.
Truth of the matter:
a memoirist
received by automatic writing,
breaks the fetters 
practically burning through the screen, then
joy when all is lost.
Helped in aiding the cause of evil forces,
calculating inevitable degradation of 
moral progress,
average citizen’s view,
dancing upon eggs
everyone wants to be a star. 
Blessed with the art of detecting divinity,
a bias in favour of specific conclusions
Can someone be a spiritual egomaniac?
There is no good picture so 
use his Holy Name
from a Gnostic sense,
partially obscured behind
the oft-bewildering complexity of
imagination growing wilder & wilder
you drive out devils
which dominate the interpretation of life’s rhythms & as such
cannot be trusted to 
follow correct intuition, that
sexual corruption which polluted 
indications of devotion
entitlement to this love is never questioned.
Show your body, 
act like a train wreck
along the ascended plains,
plunge down the rabbit hole metaphor
hidden beyond a veil of darkness,
spun from malignant intent
focusing sexual energies 
upon a wish—
the will shall be fulfilled.
Faith through denial; faith’s whore
scratching out words of evolution
Does that ring a bell?
Perhaps then:
Mediocre product of intense 
hero worship;
martyr of supposed innocence who
taught an elaborate cosmology?
Christian, Jewish, Sufi, Hindu, Greek, & Ancient Egyptian 
elements synthesized from
equals The Great Lie,
growing stronger & stronger.
*pulls out some Scripture* 
A fountain sealed:
Thelemites attend,
speaking a twilight language 
of symbol —– the true expression of 
belief & unconscious agreements.  
{Photograph by Jules Jacot Guillarmod}

Quotation from Northrop Frye

seier+seier‘If you are interested in writing poetry or a novel and haven’t got very far with it, you don’t like the idea of there being conventions and genres, or limitations of any kind on your capacity. So I used to get all kinds of anxieties about my not responding to the uniqueness of the work of art. And I would keep saying that uniqueness is not an object of knowledge. We never know the unique. The unique exists in experience only.’
– Northrop Frye
{Photograph by seier + seier}

The Next Awareness

Thomas Kennington - (1856 - 1916)The Next Awareness is always complex & non-violent.

It requires a curious surrender to establish itself – curious in the sense that a measure of relative will power must be subordinated to a different system of priority.

In other words: You wait for it, then go with the flow.

The challenge remains: Keeping the compass on love, truth and positive justice for this is the polarity to which the vision is dependant.

Still remaining: The priority of dialogue is easily corrupted by the rigorous balance of sacrifice and reward.

The Art of Spiritual Surrender has been purchased and the clarity of intent appears to be determined by the depth of self-surrender.


Portrait by Thomas Kennington ~ (1856 – 1916)