Author Bio

Alexej von JawlenskyMy name is Meredith Lorimar and I am not especially interesting as a person. My time at present is largely spent online, developing an author platform and researching fresh and effective marketing techniques for promoting a series of novels. Hobbies and outside interests have yielded to the investment of time which is the mandatory companion to an unfolding frontier of contemporary self-publishing. If it is relevant to my creative work, I promise you it shall be found here.

Afforded the opportunity to do so in this format, I would like to take a moment and share with you why I decided to become a indie writer and then attempt to define the type of writing I am striving to create. Initially, I dreamed of being a writer in the grand tradition, discovered by a publishing company and then selling obscene volumes of my masterfully crafted prose. Illusions were fatally challenged once research revealed that publishing has exploded in the twenty-first century and the lure of alternative publishing promised a challenge to the ambitious author and the opportunity for greater creative control within the published work.


It has been through the generosity of a myriad of others in the same position which has lent both the knowledge and the confidence to forge ahead and create an author brand. I feel I owe some invisible debt, incalculable and ever-flowing to these voices. Humbled by the wave of optimism & creative courage, I am rendered: Guest, visitor, friend, subscriber, addict, devotee, guru, disciple.


If my writing style were a love-child, it would be a hybrid of a modernized Jane Austen and a more optimistic J.D Salinger. I wanted to create a breathing character, one with whom readers in the YA market could easily identify but instead of phasmagoria, my character would be challenged by an excess of option and the conflicts inherent to loyalty.


~ Painting: Pale Woman with Red Hair by Alexej von Jawlensky

~ Cover Art: Beverly Ash Gilbert