Fresh Poetry ~ “Angels Representing Seven Rays” in Akashic)

Immortal by nature,
this channel shall serve
as axis: In the
aether seven disks
circumvent a luminous chord; angels
yet hover on
a stairway between seven

Suspended above conjuring fingertips,
a cloud dances through
seven shades
of Maya—only the hum; only
this mass. It whirls upon
blows hurricanes
of light & heat, altering night
as day.

Fallen angels collect prayers from
the cathedral.
Seven-fold manifest
of the old rules; those who remember
the antidote to poisoned souls;
each soft wing
illuminated by sacred
fire; each heart in humanity’s
receiving what it

Crowned by seven dragons,
angels gather to repair.
United as the fingers
on one hand; each blessing
of light
restores an overcrowded throne;
this ecstasy embracing all
who breathe.

A shower of rush-lights
to spin, to weave threads.
Light cascades, suspends—traces
of life
perfected to pass onward from
the old gods—on earth,
as in heaven.