Fresh Poetry ~ “Ordo Ad Chao”

Lena HadesSo this might serve as navigator
for recent history—which type of war
shall it be?
Fully engaged battle to
the biter end,
once & for all
an ongoing series of small skirmishes,
with endless attrition
to defend territory
in support of
a new mindset & all that ensuing
moral panic?

Desperation is contagious.

America: As seen through a
complex filter
of hope & anger;
the burden of feigned liberty:
angels who have turned toward evil
the same alchemical mixture:
divide & conquer
rattles the Earth’s magnetic field—all for the love of lairnals,
the whole shebang,
with 3 or 4 friends.

Create some heavy sensationalism out of
technological preparedness,
knowing this is where
the abstractions register
Back door gun control, meet
cognitive dissonance; living without
vital power,
a nation must sustain itself
they find temporary relief
in real estate & commerce.
Breathe easy:
For every action, there is a reaction,
either blind or stupid.
Leviathan fire, astral traveling, mind reading, control of the weather;
commitments transcending the realms—it is a very
dull routine so
remember the hot sauce to put on
someone who has crossed
the Abyss.
How does this dragon fare
regarding personal conviction?
With silent scorn,
destiny lives in the future.
The rivers are dried up,
we are
more fearful, less intelligent,
more judgemental & utterly superficial,
every breath a fleeting crown lining
scales upon our eyes,
tampering with devotion
impacting generations of demagoguery
because we have no pasture.
Just some generic dystopian aqualor;
the militarization of local police departments,
the obvious brainwashing in an age
of no compromise.

Feeling sad about the earth again?
We hear the rumours,
their terrifying rhetoric.
Any similarity is merely coincidental,
like introducing one side of the fence
to the other.
Watch as they re-engineer atoms with
mallet, chisel,
rule & compasses—carving a shared
common sense
composing an intuitional
vision of the world,
projected from First Cause
behind the many,
bearing corn & wine,
participating in evil rites &
brainwashing equipment;
having defeated all selfishness
& effects wrought from ill-nature,
the programmed reality point of view
fountains stocked with live fish?
Poison the groundwater,
the qualities of society in aggregate,
hope engineered as units of propaganda;
high above the planet’s rocky surface— prayers go

We have been hallucinated:
the Fall is a present & not
past history.
We do nothing
we believe nothing —to all who surrender to its subtle force
the decay is a glory.

(Illustration by Lena Hades}



Quotation from Dion Fortune

tumblr_lkjub6zquJ1qd98d3o1_250“It is the real self that matters, not the series of transitory personalities.”

~ Dion Fortune





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