The Kafka Syndrome

Toni FrissellDefinition: A phenomena common to a hysterical perspective; a state of being surrounded by Accessors.
Condition: Vast quantities of psychic energy are spent to process echoes from exiting Rings of Hell. Releasing these energies causes acute emotional pain. 
A Question: What has happened to former confidence in the superiority of my own perspective? It is similar to the pain certain individuals feel after the removal of an appendage, phantom pain weighing heavy & the ghosts of suppressed guilt & responsibility, responsibility to self & the systems into which I have attempted initiation lurk for reconciliation. 
Consider: The concept of a de-osmosis, a leeching of aberated former intent as part of atonement of non-surrender. 
Observed: Old Business goes rancid through avoidance. In the end, all that can be encouraged is a slow process of respectful purification & continued re-alignment to a clearer objective — one already determined by © with merits & hopes administered by a positive determination. 
Clarification: The desire is for a social reality that incorporates Multiversal considerations, developed through mastery, rinsed free of engineered myth. I should be able to rally a cause. 
Identify: The Subordinate Ego with classification:‘Underdog.’ 
Update: Current trends encourage migration away from the whirlpool of negative induction. This process has previously been disproportionately encouraged & so must now be permitted to release automatic influence in Lyrical Sequence. These hallucinations are anticipated rich in appropriate detail & emotional eloquence. Stand vigilant.
In Conclusion: The ghosts of defensive judgments appear to be clearing under the increased influence of positivism. Perhaps this is the contradistinction to the Bad Apple Syndrome — abandoning an idea once a negative aspect is found?
{Photograph by Toni Frissell}

Fresh Poetry ~ “Doctor Green”

Sean LinehanGood deeds done 
in this life are your only shield;
set us to false resolve.
When you must die
among the ancients,
go alone past him. 
This warrior 
invisibly, hidden from your sight
by enchantment. 
He extinguishes lights unguarded;
the gulf between observation & participation — 
their last imagery narrows.
A seamless procession through history
pansexual, magickal rituals;
a vibrational frequency.
Our culture of hate breeds historical perspective; 
in which position the blade is held
pertains to the Laws of Force.
He attacks behind 
all wild winds 
of evil thought.
Sliver of life
the apex.
Opening the third eye
for spiritual insight —
rendered debased.
He weaves fragments of shattered psyches 
generated through mythic structure 
into a new aeon of personal liberty.
The limited elasticity of a trend
knots along an endless cord;
a strong force of will.
Dangerous as an absence of process,
his modification of behaviours — 
a matter of urgency. 
The most Mysterious
remain changeless
{Illustration by Sean Linehan}