Quotation from Amos Oz

Gustave Doré

“ I am the witness for the prosecution. But at the same time, I am also the witness for the defense. And I am also the family of the accused, and the brother of the victim. And I am on the bench. I am everywhere in the trial, in this process.”
                                                                                     ~ Amos Oz                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ~image by Gustave Dore

Memory of the Zimmer

AbulaI do not feel that I must surrender to unnecessary scrutiny.
A Default: To those who see all as holy, injustice is a powerful threat. There is so much to protect.
Method: A legacy of damage dictates that facts floating onto the surface of the subconscious mind, likely the result of some illogical pattern from the Unconscious but the damage insists that this random thought be converted immediately into a threat. 
Typically, the direction of the threat will be from amongst the greatest unresolved conflicts, closest to present experience. 
Creative imaginings as to how a manufactured threat will manifest appear inexhaustible.
Observed: Context from the screen of imagination can be influenced by the relentless creativity of what Freud called the Super Ego
This subjective interpretation of a model for establishing authority appears to have a primary role in either imposing or deterring harsh criteria.
The curious thing is that no process of conscious identification can arrest this filter. No rational analysis will end the supply of hysterical scenarios, which ultimately result in the desired state of anxiety.
Hypothesis: Perhaps the tyranny of this framework persists when under a pattern of avoidance? By refusing to allow pre-designed negative projections the chance to spend innate energy, toxic potency is increased. The longer these impulses are suppressed, the more pervasive their overall effect.
Conclusion: Vanishing framework is an extension of the anticipation of emotional abandonment. 
{Artwork by Abula}

Fresh Poetry ~ “Lou See”

Consider: Thelemic child abuseDosso Dossi - 1490-1542
phased from the Sumerian tradition —
a product of conditioning
from within & without
this digital royal,
claims to speak for the Muses;
patient enough to determine 
fantasy from reality,
the impatient contrast between 
sow & harvest, 
between hunter versus healer.
Dependent on paradox 
the sirens spin this witch,
her fire-snake splitting
hatched, rather than heredity —                             she’s funny but
doesn’t laugh a lot.
Wanna go to the sun?
Flock to her —
feel emotion in all those songs.
Myth & whimsy are the same thing,
with stream-rolling strength,
a kind of mythic engine
constantly re-inventing pride, 
the ego of technology,
the power of timelessness,
of money & threads which weave 
hunger for gold & precious stones;
pearls of emotion conjured for recreation,
in symbol & system.
She knows but
spins her thought force 
in the mightiest of ways,
just the same. 
Time these tidings be spread further:
Learn the mystery of prophecy
through the music.
Listen to the subtext of lyrics,
from bad to weird. 
It becomes it’s own language,
in & out with electronic magic.
A language 
of the Absolute;
sound generated by a choir of Gods
fashioned by craft
to a meaningless scrap of vanity.
The whole story is in there, 
in the images & feelings the songs stir.
Know a tiger by their stripes;
a hustler by the back story.
O! the demands of celebrity.
Still fishing for a common cause of discovery?
Still got the glow of the wild?
She sells it shiny
like chromachrome
the belief in 
tracking a process of constant transformation,
a library on legs,
a battery of psychical manifestation,
unjust enrichment; an
epitome of self confidence
created upon some dingy astral plane,
this androgenic entity
in the amber of alcoholism.
Her ultimate energy-drop
weaves high-level dreams
swirling the worldly, randy hermits
into a setting sun.
Dispel her many
doubts; hard done by,  
egged on by the angels,
listen as she
eloquently states a defence
conjured through
special revelation & magic
in reverse; 
this wooden marionette
clothed in bloody purple,
united through synthesis;
avoiding any ancestral trappings 
attached to such matters
the very last scarlet woman burns —
& so
slowly an agenda
~ Painting by Dosso Dossi, 1490 – 1542 

Quotation from Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Antoine_de_Saint-Exupéry_(cropped)“Now here is my secret. It is very simple. It is only with one’s heart that one can see clearly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”
                                 ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery
                                                                                  ~ Mr. Saint-Exupery in Canada, 1942 ~ photographer unknown)

Inherited Hysteria

Nadya PeekRuthless principles that might be beneficial in battling persistent conditioning should never be applied to the external world. These two paradigms require different strategies. 
Let us frame a new awareness: Break outs versus break downs; the journey from lagoon to oasis.
A trail of psychic images, deposited like breadcrumbs leading from a bad head space: Guilt is best processed into resolution for future improvement. It is acknowledgement & acceptance that allow for emotional alchemy. 
Constant fear is present to prepare for inevitable conflict. Trouble is: I am over-prepared for this conflict that arises from the intentions of respect & acquiescence, that is to say blessed little — the mechanism causes the prevented condition.
Presentation should never be mistaken for priority in the Unconscious process. This is not Lyrical Sequence.  The lens which allows for these notions, be they fantastic or from life experience, should be calibrated only after conscious dialogue regarding interpretation & / or relevance. Random interpretation, without this regard can be time-costly.
1. The analytical mind categorizes with the certainty of absolute authority. 
2. It is easily observed that if a problem cannot be offset by rational compromise, the problem will be categorized: Unsolvable. 
3. With diligent practice, the screen of the imagination can take on virtual properties & project a hybrid dimensional reality so correct in verisimilitude it evokes legitimate emotional response. 
4. Be mindful of reckless alchemy — this fabricating emotional pain to produce fake gold. The source of this emotionalism is contaminated by unchecked exposure to hackneyed myth, engineered to illicit calculated ego response. 
5. Do not eavesdrop on random mental chatter. It is foolish to prioritize this flux with the same soberness as perhaps a more outcome-relevant consideration. 
In Conclusion: Regardless of unique complexity, the key remains acceptance & possibly, forgiveness. 
Photo by Nadya Peek

Fresh Poetry ~ The Serpent Tree Bloodline

Neil_HagueHave grown to loathe this notion of leaving
& subsequently 
Godspeed to the threat of blackmail,
ugly & distorted,
tuneless as mirrors
on a massive scale; 
the threshold at this little soiree
against organized programs,
influencing  judgments 
exchange a kidnap victim
for a chimera.
We sift through time,                                                     the origins of destiny,
mechanical laws
deep & bellicose, 
successive results &
fanciful diversions rediscovering 
the hidden centre:
You can be as Gods
tricked, sued, lied to or destroyed.
Swear down
differences are the lessons of darkness.
It’s all in the numbers:
Six pulls lots of tricks
a merciless control, 
some drama to establish fraternal bonds 
deathly & disconnected,
choked by the devil himself
who illuminates the folly 
of these wicked endeavours.
We are once again peering deep
into a wish dressed-up 
as a dream, 
where all of the pieces must be laid
to monger & extinguish 
only after inspiration has been given free reign; 
the parables marking
our highest vibratory intention,
some rite of passage into
degraded jealousies, 
break loose & rage into
the Age of Terror
a lone iguana, to bring us
where the bowels of hell boil 
into murderous brutality. 
Not especially entertaining, this landscape.
if one is patient
(*a learned process*) 
this idea conveyed through symbol,
imparted spiritual & philosophical teachings, 
to live in metaphor
like any language
accelerates valuable insight,
passed from Egyptian priests of Sars 
to Solon;
we can hope to break free of 
belief as vehicle of 
some initiatory 
Whatever you believe 
imprisons.                                                                                      {Illustration by Neil Hague}