Quotation from Djal ad-Din Rumi

Unknown“My soul gave me good counsel, teaching me the lamp which I carry does not belong to me, & the song that I sing was not generated from within me. Even if I walk with the light, I am not the light; & if I am a taut-stringed lute, I am not the lute player.” 
                                                                                  ~  Djal ad-Din Rumi
{Artist of illustration unknown, circa 1500}

Reading Omens

Farm Security AdministrationIntuition translated into direct action can be a terrifying ally if not processed through the correct filter. 
Today: I ask for guidance in mastering the manner through which to live from the most creative, intuitive part of experience
Memo: Associating every item arising from the Unconscious as a portent of inevitable circumstance, be they past, present or future is intuitive vanity. 
A Helpful Exercise in Remembering the Limitations of Raw Intuition: Think of the times you have been right about an intuition, then multiple that number by a thousand & you will have close to an indication as to how many times you have been wrong. 
Why would such an unrealistic expectation attempt to so aggressively dominate the flow of resources?
Reminder: The War of the Screen is won when prolonged, peaceful silence is achieved comfortably & from within the context of responsible flow. I will assist this outcome through making diligent effort to restrict the influence of random variables. Extraneous negative amplification & magnification will be reduced: this is a substitute for critical analysis. 
Current Objective: Deconstruction of blind spots; peace with all crutches.
Consider: Lyrical Sequence as connector.
{Photograpg from the Farm Security Administration}

Fresh Poetry ~ “Total Perversion Singularity”

Enrico Hillyer Giglioli1) The Joyful Mysteries
This short consideration both
dangerous & vulnerable:
Angels were demanded to create
arrogant servants
translated from the world of archetypes
crowned child 
forgotten upon the return to sea
curiously devoted to the evolution of magic,
a net of his mind stretched                                         
a rat’s nest of psychic threads
hidden away inside
a breathtaking castle,
designed to be Trojan horse,
to sniff out their closer prey,
rituals & symbolism,
a synchro-mystic context 
played in loop-tapes though golden earphones,
alchemizing karma
full to capacity.
He decoded earlier portions
within paths of consciousness,
turning silently a vain religion missing
Command; an understanding of the mind, 
finally established consciously. 
Spirit go where it willith:
the eye of a seer must follow. 
2) The Sorrowful Mysteries
This God is bigger than the creation
energy of Multiversity, 
the renewing power of horror
working the earth 
once barren spirits, start 
making preparations:
carved into wedding rings 
this distorted vow; a paregoric administered to
all children of perdition.
Take the chip, Kaballah idiot
lost soul
put some lipstick on,
shelter your influences,
fall into the trap;
this partial crash by their fruit,
God resists the proud.
3) The Glorious Mysteries 
We are not certain so
make a dogma of each observation 
regarding iconography & symbolism:
it is a cyclical blind,
classless but clear moral obligations
nothing more
before the allegorical Fall
data surges through conductors, 
aqueducts flow symbol, 
Oh, eternal light!
Someone spiked the punch
maybe even bit the bullet 
the incoherent 
even on its best day
outweighs any metaphorical usefulness,
workings of mind & soul
resolution of the disordered-state paradigm
resulting in the 
transcendence of creative spirit, last seen 
whistling along the fourth plane
converging currents of dissociation; last seen
raising consciousness with a 
focus on character, with minimal ill-effect 
upon the mind.
That which is done is all
that shall be done.
{Illustration by Enrico Hillyer Giglioli}