Quotation from John Cowper Powys

FinnWikiNo“What if I fell in a forest? Would a tree hear?”
~ John Cowper Powys
                                                              {Photograph courtesy of FinnWikiNo}

Deprogramming the Analytical Mind

MilartinoThe real war criminal in this interior battle is the over-assertion of an analytical mind, the blade of rationalization which separates responsibilities; it is the hinge of the double standard. 
So to continue along a period of intensive, ruthless analysis of emerging awareness, staying aligned with the spiritual campaign, I guarantee a framework around exploration; tail-chasing is an indulgence — analytical influence functions to near psychopathic standards. 
Society = religion + philosophy + art + technology + commerce + government
A Priority: Establish the Buttery Hum. 
{Identified, then clarified but above all respected — an inventory checklist which can be further referenced for continuity & stasis. The first part will do well to include negative trending toward dialogue, symbolic or otherwise detrimental to the balance of polarities.} 
A Blind Spot: An inability to release some preoccupations of youth. I still expect the same impact achieved in my late-teens & twenties. The bubble lingers, if only to induce an illusion of unlimited potential. Forward progress will arrest if the default back to a puerile model of moral duality is not mastered. The compulsion manifests through regular returns to that well of earlier confidence, with anticipation of identical result. This pattern builds into a complex fugue of morphing intention; discipline is required to reflect an out-modeled default.
Habitual behaviour is the hardest to recognize.
Reminder: Appreciation for a process will enable it to sustain; respect will guarantee reliability. 
{Collage by Milartino}