Fresh Poetry ~ “Solstitium”

Peter van der SluijsWhat if it isn’t
spinning clouds to float
in Capricorn?
An oblique angle creates 
this feeble winter sunlight
a bizarre viewing experience,
a blurring of reality & so nature 
becomes the weather.
Activate the archetypes
inside the vast pyramid of
unauthentic art & music;
symbols talk for themselves
in no wise subordinate to a triangulation 
of carbon polarity,
primal creative love energy, 
kundalini arousal,
deep emotional connection: 
the divine source.
Far from equivalent,
complete balance is scarce.
An interesting statistic
via the CIA shares that
inter-dimensional beings crave
the time of day,
energetic & spiritual 
hyped & talented, their identification is the supernatural order 
breaking down the conception of symbol,  
re-interpreting iconic significance to witness
talking heads squirm & love 
even those most beguiled,
open to ridicule,
a relationship with personal difficulties
to the satisfaction of the board.
Hypotheses should not be unnecessarily multiplied.
Understand: I am not a sentimentalist
resisting the force to Light, yet
a series of human potential systems interweaving 
indicates that evil is slick,
flattery is poison
vote with your wallet,
hand out the umbrellas.
Nothing new under the sun?
We will not all sleep.
{Photograph by Peter van der Sluijs}

Quotation from Cynthia Ozick

NASA“The imagination is a species of knowledge, knowledge that can take the form of discovery.”
                                                ~ Cynthia Ozick
{Photograph from NASA}

Fresh Poetry ~ “The First Crusade”

Guillaume de Saint-PathusFrom the deluge of time
we wish Karma on someone,
a party to the plan
prime motivations of Feudal Warfare 
(unmentioned source)
deciphering, translating, or rewriting
under the claw of evil,
choosing whatever plum job 
struck his fancy, some
love, order & peace. 
Anarchy now!
Without the shriek of propaganda,
minus the synch-nodes of symbolic events
our worship & allegiance
a susceptibility created through emotion
harmless recreational material
an open field upon arrival;
they who have preceded did wilds tame 
the mortal soul,
through the grace of a Supreme Architect
Adam just had to be distracted.
Had he been wicked, it might have proven easier
the cost of those cascades
the new prophetic movement
like always revealing a secret
or dropping a black cube. 
Still: the ratio is disproportionate,
unanimously acclaimed
love ripening & blossoming
never rotting,
you can see part of the garden there
the basis for a complete foundation
that little walk way; there a fountain,
see the looted statue tucked inside
ancient customs?
What the ghost hears is largely meaningless,
disincarnate without context
as the Albigesian eagles scream
slaughtering butterflies 
following chaotic lives burned  
by the red cross of Toulouse;
you must never forget
unsullied by the taint of matter
of pure spirit 
devaluing the fake gold:
*snip, snip, snip.*
{Painting by Guillaume de Saint-Pathus}

Lessons of the Boogeyman

Gerard LoughHow to not feel like a delusional throwback? 
1. Understanding is reverse psychology on our demons. They are empowered by resistance, by that wilful reluctance to negotiate a compromise. IN THE END, love & acceptance are all that can come from any relationship. Otherwise, to eliminate the darkness will be to cut-off access to a counter-point
2. Fed through secrecy & shame, perhaps fear needs to be assimilated into a community of loving totality?
3. The tricky part is: extremely creative images, sometimes so vivid and perfect, they make an impression. Wisdom that was available advised, put a fantasy flag nonetheless and the more that these flags or conjured memories occur in experience, the more navigating an authentic path becomes impossible. 
4. Is there a way to screen through this landscape? Is there a way to surrender to a process and not a eureka? I reorder in the spirit of future reference, the guru cliché. Try it & see how wild it all will be, in terms of process, practical viability, here in the twenty-first century.
{Photograph by Gerard Lough}

Quotation from Bede Griffiths

Helen Stratton“Myth reveals the ultimate meaning and significance of life, but it has no hold on history and loses itself in the world imagination.” 
~ Bede Griffiths
{Illustration by Helen Stratton}

Fresh Poetry ~ “Ecce Signum”

Claude_d'AbbevilleTest & test:
concepts will constantly reappear
release what has been exhausted
settle for dumbed-down
like a ridiculous idiot
that’s the story 
the dark truth
propelled by the hopes of
inspiration intended for the future; 
like a kaleidoscope
patterns spin concentrically
some application of principles 
through that labyrinth of specialist knowledge,
find a historical study of the elements of wisdom 
fouled with the toxins of
self-satisfied & rampant wilfulness:
circling round the chair
all counter-intuitive to the organic force of Sequence.
promotional images
mysterious riddles hidden within
obstacles & plateaus which
determine the symbolic world created 
by those lonesome units looking for the other saints;
in fluent times
currents flow East to West
upon the heliacal rising where
the minds which weave these beautiful tapestries
rewind the happy ending again & again, 
constructed along Craftsy lines
where calculation represents
fantasizing in vivid, graphic detail,
all the landscaping done 
by votive hands
hair billowing in Mariah
attack and defend
a blessed land emerging,
surrounded by a blue water  
empty as destiny underway. 
{Illustration by Claude D’Abbeville}


Jiri HodanI have caused so much grief, real heart sadness in life, then walked away feeling righteous. My thing is giving large & unconditionally to people who will never be able to reciprocate, mainly because I won’t let them. Such a soap opera, my boomerang ©. 
Last time I pulled back, there was quite a destructive force attached. It pretty much took out everything associated with that incarnation. So arrives a point of resurrection but it would appear the phoenix cannot influence design
If the pace is respectful, what qualities are essential in living a life in commune with spiritual, that is to say Multiversal forces?
My whole grind about what energies are available through which ritual is starting to seem like a system to determine value. Ultimately, when we flip — to the inverse will be true. Intricate methodology can be lifted-off the outcome; which pure spirit identifies the cape work?
So maybe myth is an ever-evolving series of shifting symbols & more basic core sources which guide interpretation, for potency & tenacious relevance?  
The Fact Remains: How do I recognize significance? It goes by so fast. 
Freedom comes from never having to re-adjust, so the brass ring explains: “I want to feel free,” like I matter significantly to the world around me & that world is based on trust & respect, guided by constant principles of love.
I swear I will love like the Teletubbys & let my light shine where it is appreciated. Is it more complex? Where along the path to authentic selfdom, what remains of it, is annexed  – this is a journey to recover that path & re-invest.
{Photograph by Jiri Holdan}