George CruickshankHaving a sense of anti-entitlement, being so conditioned to resist the flow of current trends towards a blanketed consciousness regarding the source of energy, the Looking Glass World, be this for the mechanical culture, running the organism or keeping the home fires burning; it is what it is. This is challenging to trust as an intake process.
I need to leech poison in order to leave room for Faith; faith stretched fine & thin by ego disproportionate, like Benjamin Franklin flying his electric kite, there was a key to that, at the end of an experiment & really I am a fool but I know that so flip it —& let’s go. 
It’s this spiritual entitlement that concerns me. It just seems to run against every understanding of how the Universe works. Avoid the free-for-all, Captain Starfish warns so I’ll err on the side of restraint, and not cheat the well for water with a will that never satiates. To then sell these understandings, wrapped as Unlimited, is that not even worse? Perverting an aspect of development, selling it without understanding the complexity of respectful communion, is that not the cheapest carpet bagging? Who to trust when the only profits have been just that; corrupt agents of artificial Light?
     “The will is a duplicitous affair, involving both stimulation and inhibition; it follows generalized habits; it is escorted by reflective criticism and leaves a good or bad taste after it.” – William James
The View on the Cross: Difficult to calculate a manner to apply over-powering caretaking skills; my own recklessness.
{Illustration by George Cruickshank}

Quotation from Jeanette Winterson

Mariusz Kubik“Television played its part; the Agent Orange of culture, puffing a thing beyond its measure, and for a time it grows so attractive, so desirable, so fruitful, so lush and then it collapses, unable to sustain all that ridiculous fake growth.”

~ Jeanette Winterson
{Photograph by Mariusz Kubik}

Fresh Poetry ~ “Freedom Train”

Taylor_&_Huntingtonto burst your bubble I
am very suspicious of all celebrity deaths 
at some checkmate point
portrayed as crazy
a decrease in record sales
when the plan botched
bad press: a breakdown
career suffers terribly
legal troubles
horrors revisited
this is a fluid situation
last week, bitches got told
for constructive ends
without that trace of obscurity,
developmental & intrapsychic
synchromysticism is creative mental survival strategy
spatially homogenous,
enter into those other realms
there should be a switch 
a creepy, penetrating eye
an invisible observer who
helps the children learn hypnotic scripts
straight from an ancient fairy tale
within the layers of an onion,
absolute & engulfing
planned hermeticism 
a cluster of consecutive worlds
one looking right,
the other double-headed 
in the music 
just down the street from
the blood-thirsty spring.
shock words & insults 
often collude empires 
tell a little lie
to hide the truth.
{Illustration published by Taylor & Huntington}

Spiritual Etiquette

Nevit DilmenI will never know pure stream so
Decontaminate this soul; reclaim my Garden 
Identify the poison then 
Connect to something purified, 
Both faithful & enduring 
Possibly exclusive.
I’ve been clever enough 
Unless I lie defiantly
Want a sample? 
I rest my Destiny on
To slip between or rise above, 
To tempt or scold,
I was only playing both sides
Telling people about shared grief 
We need to resolve, 
So urgent! expressing this point 
So anxious in the dark 
I glued a unicorn’s horn 
To my head 
For protection. 
There won’t be a sense of sacrifice
Imagining myself holy, 
When I refuse.
{Photograph by Nevit Dilmen}

Quotation from Mme. Blavatsky

Author Unknown‘How can harmony prevail and conquer, when the soul is stained and distracted with the turmoil of passions and the terrestrial desires of the bodily senses?’
                                                                         –Mme. Blavatsky
{Author of photograph unknown}