New Poetry ~ Anonymous Ghouls

(1935) Illustrated by Arthur RackhamExploring the complexities of the human spirit
The duels of one’s own mind,
Not to besmirch but
This one is extremely creepy:
Up against the wall?
Owned by some Satanists?
You’d see some of the scariest, violent
The most depraved acts
Their terrible secrets
The stone floors left bare
An off-vibe
A form of torture.
Behind the concept of a simple rainbow
What choice did they have but to advertise?
Usually for life,
Start hiding now
{Illustration by Arthur Rackham}

Quotation from William S. Burroughs

Christiaan TonnisThe revolution will come from ignoring the others out of existence.

– William Seward
{Painting by Christiaan Tonnis}

The Post-Modern Effect


darwin bellHow is it that the inner voice is capable of ranging from editor, to interpreter, to colour commentator? 


Is it possible to install a medium in the psyche to freeze an anxiety to, in essence clear it of a negative charge? 



De-emphasize the hypothetical in order to fine tune intuition.

This will result in greater success in terms of balancing that faulty component against the other functions of the mind.

The emotional confidence that arises in co-relation to the educating of the impractical, brain washed intuition will stand to off-set any state-dependant turbulence.  

Memo to Self: Compose an attempt to best recover the tools & lessons essential from an earlier period of influence.


{Photograph by Darwin Bell}


Inventory on a Snowy Afternoon

a snowy

The struggle of wrestling down hysterical daydreams that truly appear only to continue a deeply ingrained pattern of emotional turmoil wears upon a once glittering resolve.

 The curious thing is: how closely these media-induced fantasies, morbid as they are, mirror the actual intuitive process. Marketing has evolved.
Today, I ask Lyrical Sequence for the strength to be non-defensive — to consider an opinion which although suspected as being off-position, I trust so ask for the patience to witness a potentially new landscape’s emergence; without analyzing or injecting interpretive energy.
The Tuning Fork Principle: So similar to the Law of Attraction but involves calibrating the principles of humanistic psychology into an externalized form of energy, positioned as a presenting force.
A tall order  — to remodel a torture chamber into the Zen garden.
The choice is mine: craft the required tools which shall allow this psychic renovation. 
Remain patient but alert. The required mindset & skills will present themselves, if they are afforded the opportunity to do so.
{Photograph from Dominic Dawn Harry & Jacob Paterson}

Fundamentals, Clarified

HyacinthIdeally, I wish to be in possession of a type of spiritual common sense that does not form in the shape of a staircase.

The goals of Humanistic Psychology are to achieve a state where both therapist and client are courageous, genuine and integrated.

The Cowgirl Compulsion = Passing through systems only to feed an uneasy ambition; involves the conquering of straw dogs.

So now it becomes a battle to ensure that the respect I offer to overcoming rampant conditioning is not conditional. It is to become a cornerstone of perception.

There really is no point in attempting to advance without this foundation established.


{Image by Hyacinth}


The Tyranny of Default

Author UnknownSomehow, I need to stop waging war on my own dreams. I do not even have to ask Sequence to help, past assisting in my surrendering to One Focus — this pure, true, all-you-can-submit, 100% objective determination.

The default is always there — back to a position of powerlessness that is automatically substituted with a reluctant claim to responsibility.

The fact remains: Even when I understand this and attempt to adjust the default, I invariable loot the process of others with this assumption.

How does someone stop something they know is bad for them?

(Slowly and carefully comes the answers.)


{Author of poster unknown}