New Poetry ~ The Happy Place

Locatelli,_AndreaPresume you were an android:
Drop into another dimension
A Ray of Light;
Notice the bumble bee, smell the rain.
Colour your face with a maroon crayola
Stubborn & ungrateful misfit,
Piece of wood,
Mind control meme.

A single explanatory chyron:
With the speed of thought,
Big & bouncy opening notes
In undertone,
Something psychotic & outer-body
Which is so much smoother in movies.

Disregard the situation as fiction
A commercial
One last inversion of good & evil,
Do strange things to the passing of time,
Clear the complexion, give buoyancy to the mind,

Look! As if it’s in miniature
That level of deep & intense intercession
Submit and consume.


Painting by Andrea Locatelli – 1695 – 1741


In Defence of Magical Thinking

IkescsThis guy I once knew but is no longer effectively in my life as our differences proved too great to sustain a friendship, had established a theme in the books he recommended to me.

So we have one of the predominant religions of our time, guilty of a genocide which has reduced the phrase Magical Thinking to a personality disorder. The identifying principle of this classification? If the belief of an individual, of the influence of systems to which clinical psychology deems either imaginary or separate from independent human experience surfaces to a prominent position of influence.

The Counter Measure does not have the aggressive will to dominate experience which is so easily found in the Rational Structure. Simply put: a Spiritual Existence will justify itself to those who initiate a respectful effort to commune with it.

The ritual is subjective and collectivism does not immediately translate into what could only be described as poignant enlightenment.

For a form of symbolic thinking to function, it needs to emerge from the refractory, disturbed state and find the silence and equilibrium to begin to calibrate its lexicon of relevant images.

To purge the psyche of wasteful thinking which justifies the existence of a symbolic paradigm and permits a freedom of choice is an early, essential step in purging the influence of Unconscious media influence. Well-geared mechanisms of doubt and mistrust need to be controlled away from the possibility of their contaminating Sequence.

There is no period of crisis, no fight-or-flight. A transition of nerve systems is required for the opportunity of Lyrical Sequence to emerge.


Image from Ikescs


Jung versus Freud



Cesar BlancoFreud believed in Universal Pathology in the same way that Jung believed in Universal Archetype.

One was unique and subjective; the other only in approach and presentation.

Freud locked this view into place with the Suppression of the Seduction Theory.

Reversing an earlier position that all adult mental illness resulted from traumatic experiences of sexual abuse or violence suffered in childhood, he remained convinced of the fantastic nature of their existence within memory.

This lead the way for any re-interpretation of events that might prove morally, ethically or spiritually challenging.

This belief that all unpleasant childhood experiences are merely imagined appears to be at the root of the distanced transference.

How can understanding of individual experience unfold in an environment that fails to recognize the unique?

By reducing the act of negative-reflection to a symptom of emotional hysteria, a key polarity of the compass is blocked.

published in 1912 ~ author unknown


Freud picture by Cesar Blanco

Jung photograph from 1912 – author unknown



Quotation from Thornton Wilder


Robert Sherman Studio“After experience had taught me that the common occurrences of daily life are vain and futile; and I saw that all the objects of my desire and fear were in themselves nothing good nor bad save in so far as the mind was affected by them; I at length determined to search out whether there was something truly good and communicable.”


Image from Robert Sherman Studio


New Poem: STANDARD A = 440HZ

Key45Evils must be recognized:
Opportunity or disposition
Marked in some peculiar way,
Actual tightness & accuracy
That sense of where one is in space and time;
Behind amnesia barriers an
Internal system based around the Tree of Life
Develops the brain in a set way.
To allow passage under the Golden Key
To this programmed mind system,
The Earth-Moon system,
Each of which touches
Symbols from the Hebrew/Enochian/Greek alphabets,
Psycho-social agitation
Loops of circular logic
Contain confusing features which
The mind can never compute.

The decibel at which a lady-child heart screams
Yahs and Rahs,
Mothers of the world
Harvest their screams
Walled-off & compartmentalized.
In the spirit of that majority:
These moments flicker
Representing a criminal regime:
Like giving a hammer to a butterfly.


Image uploaded by Key45


Quotation from Arthur Miller

Eric Koch‘The whole country seemed to be devolving into a mania for distraction it called entertainment, a day and night mockery of art that menaced nothing, redeemed nothing and meant nothing but forgetfulness.’

–Arthur Miller



Photograph by Eric Koch


The Psychedelic Creed:

  • Drugs are a key to God in man
  • Drugs are a sacrament for a greater knowledge of the Universe
  • Drugs are a vehicle to the cosmic consciousness

Ulrich Rahm


Photograph by Ulrich Rahm


Progress Report: February, 2013

Arthur RackhamOne reason not to stay in the Garden for all time, is best explained by theologian / psychoanalyst Sandor Ferenczi: ‘Our imagination endows us with more love than we actually possess.’

You see them everywhere — broken people. Not as frequently encountered as the zombies, the programmed Technocrati who pantomime existence through the electronic medium but the human animals with the fractured minds.

Recognizing the trance-like state of frozen shock which occupies the place of ideals and values, I surrender to this dumbness, now mainly because I enjoy the feeling of righteous indignation that accompanies it.

Mutual Analysis = The surrender of force & authority, from both sides of the relationship

With uncharacteristic directness in regard to my shortcomings. . .

I have a tremendous chore ahead in reaching Substantial Silence.


Illustration by Arthur Rackham




Little Wonder Silence is Preferred.

Wayne RayThe issue of being responsible for the fruits of your imagination. . .

Not accepting destiny & casting a grievance against your fate?

“Won’t you step into my garden,” she purred, soft & cattish.

A Life Run by Ghosts.

Send a list, when euphoria fades.

Silence, when it finally speaks, takes time to reach its meaning.


Book Cover by Wayne Ray