The Beehive

 Welcome to the hub of my creative aspect: this small online salon where you might find access to books published, works coming in the near future & some fascinating & fertile public musings. Please join in with this process of creative exploration.

I am the author of a YA novel entitled “Mirror Face,”  an intimate coming-of-age story, the first in a series subtitled The Demands of Loyalty, which introduces Ursula Baker.

I also maintain another blog ~ The Educated Imagination which explores ways in which writers might enrich the power of imagination. Here on this author website, I try to explore categories of contemporary psychology both underdeveloped & relevant to the modern psyche.

Please explore, enjoy what you may & feel welcome to join in the discussion.

If you are reading these footnotes, I sincerely thank you for your interest in this site. There is a churning ocean of information and creativity streaming through our unfolding digital world and the fact that you are affording me your attention is a significant gesture of faith in my creative voice. I appreciate your time.
Please make yourself at home on this site and do not hesitate to Contact Me, if you have any questions or feedback you would like to share. It is my earnest hope you will join in the conversation.
Take your time exploring, and feel free to return as often as you wish as the content shall be updated in a hopeful attempt to make the site both fresh and current.
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